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Al-Ahleia MEW Substation Projects Department has installed, tested and commissioned various types of, MV & HV substations in Kuwait and the Gulf. These substations are vary from standard 4 panel and 6 panel Ring Main MV substations to very sophisticated substations involving complicated control schemes. More than 2500 MV substations are installed, commissioned and satisfactorily operating over the last 25 years.

Al-Ahleia has installed, tested and commissioned many tailor made Electrical Switchgears in various countries in the Gulf.

The installations involve equipment like 132kV Switchgear, 11kV Switchgear with Double Busbar / Single busbars, 132/11kV 30MVA Transformers, 33/11/0.415 kV Transformers up to 20 MVA , all types of Low Voltage Boards, Motor Control Centres, Power Control Centres, Battery Chargers, 400kV / 300kV / 132kV / 11kV Control Panels, On Load Tap Changer, Pilot Cable Marshalling Cabinets, Local Control Cubicles for 132kV Gas Insulated Switchgears and Cabling.

Al-Ahleia Installation, Testing and Commissioning Engineers are specially trained to handle any types of panels and substation involving primary and ring main substation with the latest Protection Relays and Control Schemes.