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Short Circuit & Power System Study

Al-Ahleia provides Engineering Services for the Power System Study of the electrical network using latest version of ETAP software by which one can achieve feasible, reliable and economical network design as per project requirement under various design constraints and specifications. Power System study mainly deals with the following:

  • Short Circuit study - In this study, 3-phase, line-to-ground, line-to-line and line-to-line-to-ground faults on electrical distribution system are studied to know the level of electrical fault current. Based on the study, the equipment rating and sizing can be determined.
  • Load Flow Analysis - In this study, bus voltages, branch currents, power factors and power flow throughout the electrical system are studied to achieve quality power transfer on optimum system losses.
  • Motor Starting Analysis - This study is performed to know the effect of starting motor on the normal operation of the loads and to investigate whether the motor can be successfully started under the most severe operating condition. Voltages at each level in the system during motor starting are calculated. Analysis can be carried out either in Dynamic Motor Acceleration mode or Static Acceleration mode.
  • Relay Co-ordination Study - This study is performed to provide proper co-ordination of each protective relay in the system for fault discrimination & selective fault isolation to achieve maximum power availability and to minimize hazards to personnel & equipment.
  • Transient Stability Analysis - This analysis is performed to investigate the system dynamic responses and stability limits of the power system before, during and after the system changes or disturbances occur. ETAP generates system response in time domain which is used to determine the system transient behaviour to make stability assessment to recommend protective device settings and to apply the necessary remedies for improving the system stability.

Above mentioned services are carried out by a team of Engineers who are experienced and specialised in ETAP software.