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Al-Ahleia provides design and engineering consultancy services for EPC projects. These services include detailed engineering of substation projects and Power System Study.

Al-Ahleia has been approved by KOC & KNPC as Engineering Consultants for substation projects.

Consultancy Service for Substation Design :
Al-Ahleia carries out design and engineering services for 132/11kV Primary Substations, 11kV Elevated Substations and prefabricated / pre-engineered Packaged Type Substations with a well-qualified team of design engineers / draughtsmen.

The design engineers of consultancy office carry out evaluation of engineering documents and ensure that design calculations, drawings and documents are meeting the specific project requirement. Also drawings / documents generated by vendors of major equipment / systems are reviewed to ensure the compliance to project requirements.

The consultancy office of Al-Ahleia also develops the following design drawings / documents during detailed engineering:

  • Layout drawing.
  • Single line diagrams.
  • Design calculations.
  • Co-ordination drawings.
Consultancy Service for Power System Study :
Al-Ahleia carries out Power System Study of electrical network to support customers in understanding their system needs and identify the right solutions for problems related to their network. The system study is carried out by specialized team of engineers using latest version of ETAP software ... Read More