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Al-Ahleia has supplied conventional / hermetically sealed transformers from 1 MVA to 50 MVA up to 132 kV class to various customers in Kuwait and abroad.

Our Transformers are Type tested.

  Type : ATO
1. Distribution Transformers (Single / Dual Ratio)
(a) Distribution Transformers are meant for Secondary distribution of power at customer's end .
(b) Al-Ahleia manufactures distribution transformers ranging from 50KVA to 2500KVA with Cable Box on HV and LV side meant for connecting in secondary distribution network.
(c) Al-Ahleia can also manufacture pole mounted transformers with HV & LV bare bushings.
Such type of transformers supplied by us are operating for giving power to oil well supply at Joint operations.
2. Power Transformers
(a) Al-Ahleia is manufacturing Power Transformers ranging from 2500KVA to 50,000KVA,132KV class. .
(b) These transformers are meant to be used in primary distribution network.The power is received from high voltage network and step-down to lower voltage useful at customer's end or useful for secondary distribution.
3. Hermetically Sealed Transformers                                         
(a) Al-Ahleia manufactures hermetically sealed transformers which are totally sealed from outside air. In smaller transformers, Dry air cushion is used to take up expansion space needed due to variation in oil level because of temperature.
(b) In larger transformers a rubber bag is used in the conservator which takes up expansion/contraction of oil and thus isolate the transformer oil from outside atmosphere.
(c) Ratings as per Customers requirement.
4. Earthing Transformers
(a) Earthing Transformers are zig-zag transformers.They are special purpose transformers.
(b) It has primary winding but no secondary winding or sometimes an auxiliary winding is given for lighting loads.
(c) Application of these transformers is derived for earth reference point for ungrounded electrical system.
(d) This is also used for control of harmonic current.
(e) Al-Ahleia can supply earthing transformers with short-time current rating of 10 seconds and 30 seconds and with auxiliary winding. However, customer has to specify the short-time current rating and zero phase sequence impedance.
5. Regulating Transformers
(a) Regulating Transformers are used to give large variable range of output voltage keeping input voltage constant or give constant output voltage from variable input voltage.
(b) Ratings as per Customers requirement.
6. Auto Transformers
(a) Al-Ahleia can supply Auto Transformers which has only one winding and the input and output are taken from same winding. Such type of arrangement reduces cost of transformer as one winding is common between primary and secondary windings.
(b) Ratings as per Customers requirement.
7. Converter Transformers
(a) Al-Ahleia can manufacture converter transformers for use with thyrister converter used in motor control centres or in any variable speed drives.
(b) Ratings as per Customers requirement.
8. Furnace Transformers
(a) Al-Ahleia can manufacture transformers suiting to arc furnace duty or induction furnace duty.
(b) Customer has to specify incoming voltage and the various outgoing voltages required with KVA ratings of tapping i.e. where constant KVA required or variable KVA rating required.