HV Switchgear
Air Insulated Switchgear
Gas Insulated Switchgear
Ring Main Unit
Change-Over Switch Cabinet
RC snubbers
LV Switchgear
Main Low Tension Board
Motor Control Centre
Control & Relay Panels
Outdoor Distribution Board with ACB/MCCB or Fuses
Unit Distribution Substations
Substation Automations
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High Voltage Switchgear
Air Insulated Switchgear up to 15kV (Single/Double Busbar) with Busbar rating up to 4000A and Short Time Rating up to 50kA ... Read More
Gas Insulated Switchgear up to 36kV with busbar rating up to 2500A and Short Time Rating up to 40kA.
... Read More
Medium Voltage SF6 Gas Insulated Ring Main Unit up to 15kV ... Read More
12kV change-over (Disconnector) switch Type AD8 is designed to meet the requirements of MEW Kuwait ... Read More
RC snubbers protect the transformer primary windings from high frequency voltage transients. ... Read More
Low Voltage Switchgear
LV Switchgear and Distribution Boards with ratings up to 6300A and Short circuit up to 100kA (MLTB).
... Read More
Motor Control Centre (MCC) with Short circuit Rating up to 100kA ... Read More
Control & Relay Panels for Primary Sub-Stations up to 400kV ... Read More
Outdoor Distribution Board with ACB /MCCB or Fuses up to 440V.
... Read More